25 Aprile 2024
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Wedding ceremony in Florence

Many people describe Florence as one of the most romantic city in the world. We agree. Its elegance, atmosphere, elegant palaces, gardens and small streets make Florence a city that many people in the world dream for their wedding. If you are planning a Catholic ceremony, Florence can offer the majestic cathedrals or the romantic small Chapels in the center or on the hills surrounding Florence. As well as the protestant ceremony, that can be held at the St.James Cathedral or at St. Mark Chapel. Protestant ceremonies can be organized also in some amazing private gardens with Florence view. In case of Orthodox ceremony there is an amazing Church in the center and if you wish a Jewish ceremony, remember that Florence has one of the most amazing Synagogue in the world, with its Moorish style. Many couple every year decide to get married in Florence with a civil ceremony and the town can offer many options, all of them elegant and unique. The main attraction is the Red Hall, the famous ceremony room in Palazzo Vecchio. For couples who want something less sumptuous we suggest the Garden roses with Florence view. It is a garden famous for its collection of thousands roses.
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