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Tuscan wedding castles

If you wish a special Wedding in Tuscany we propose you a rich selection of Tuscany Wedding Castles, in Florence and Siena area. We have selected many castles in Tuscany, medieval castles, elegant castles and luxury castles. These castles in Tuscany can make your wedding a very special event. Castles will make your wedding a fairy tale wedding!
Medieval wedding castle in Chianti - 311
The castle has a beautiful garden and a very romatic courtyard, perfect for your wedding dinner in Tuscany with a magic atmosphere. If you wish to have a religious ceremony just few steps far from the castle there is an amazing Church that you and your guests can reach walking. Here is all about the experience, the settings we can made will make every bride feels like a princess.
Castle for weddings in Siena - 513
The castle is surrounded by English gardens and is based between Siena and Montalcino, two of the most famous cities in Tsucany.
The venue offers many options for your events such as a gravel square, gardens and many halls which can be perfect as a backup solution or the main solution if you wish to get married in Autumn or Winter time. Here the colours are amazing thanks to the Canadian creeper which gives splendid color shades both in any period of the year.

Wedding luxury castle in Siena - 514

This Wedding Luxury Castle gives you the possibility to enjoy the magnificent italian garden with view, the huge garden for the dinner and the romantic courtyard for a cool after party. This castle is ideal for a wedding from 80 guests till 300 do of the layout of the garden that can be intimate and romantic or magnificent.
Castle for wedding in Siena - 508
This Castle for Wedding in Siena, in the middle of Chianti and Montalcino wine regions, is surrounded by a splendid countryside. In this Castle for Wedding in Siena you can have a relaxing aperitif on the terrace, a superb and freshly made dinner at the restaurant, and cut the wedding cake with your guests in the garden, near the pool area, and be delighted at the fascinating Tuscany countryside from the Tower-terrace.
Medieval castle in Chianti - 308
The castle is the perfect venue for your wedding. There are many little rooms inside and a special room for the wedding dinner. There is also a special terrace where you can have the reception. The entire Piano Nobile (a series of furnished and frescoed rooms) can be put at Guests' disposal together with the garden, a splendid terrace overlooking the unspoilt panorama of the Chianti hills, and the Stables.
Wedding castle in Florence - 111
The castle is settled on the Florentine hiss and is surrounded by the Tuscan countryside. A destination wedding at this amazing wedding venue will be a special experience for you and your guests. There are apartments and rooms all over the propery and you can enjoy many activities such as cooking classes, wine tasting and tours. The castle offers gardens, an internal restaurant, terraces and a wonderful courtyard perfect for your wedding ceremony.
Wedding venue in Tuscany - 131
The big property is a beautiful hamlet with castle dating back to the 16th turned into luxurious rooms and suites for an exclusive stay.This elegant and refined Wedding Venue in Tuscany can offer lots of beautiful spots for your big day: the terrace in front of the castle with the splendid view on the valleys and hills, the picturesque courtyard and the sumptuous internal halls are all graceful possibilities.
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