07 Marzo 2021
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Best places to get married in Tuscany

You will fall in love with Tuscany! Its famous hills and panoramas, its charming historical cities, its food and wines and its way of life, everything here is amazing! So it is no surprise that many couples choose it as the dream place to get married!
This region in the heart of Italy offers plenty of beautiful choices and possibilities to have an unforgettable wedding. Here you find a short introduction to some of the best places to get married in Tuscany.

CITIES OF ART: if you are looking for a timeless, elegant atmosphere, you should consider to get married in one of the Tuscan historical cities.

FLORENCE gains the first place in this chart, as no other city in Tuscany has such a richness in history and pieces of art. This amazing city offers you the possibility to get married in the Red Hall in Palazzo Vecchio, which has been the protagonist of the Florentine political life through the centuries and preserves a sumptuous and elegant atmosphere that creates a special scenery for a Wedding. After the civil ceremony, you can decide to have your Wedding reception in a luxurious hotel or restaurant in the centre or going in the near countryside to enjoy a more relaxed atmosphere.
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SIENA is smaller than Florence but not less beautiful and offers a more intimate frame for your Wedding in Tuscany. The beauty of the city is unquestionable. Piazza del Campo has a shape and a charm which is hard to find anywhere else. The civil ceremony can be celebrated in the “Palazzo Pubblico”, very elegant and charming. After the civil wedding, enjoy a toast in some of the nice Cafées of the Piazza and celebrate an unforgettable reception in one of the Villas and Castles of the area.
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LUCCA, a jewel protected by its walls, a rich and elegant city perfect for those couples who are looking for a refined and yet intimate atmosphere in an historical context. Its nice streets full of shops and Café build a perfect frame for your Wedding in Tuscany and the beauty of the Palace for Civil ceremonies will leave you speechless!
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HAMLETS IN THE COUNTRYSIDE: Talking about the best places to get married in Tuscany, one can't forget the numerous little lovely hamlets which make the Tuscan countryside so unique!

SAN GIMIGNANO is an ancient village with roots dated back to the Etruscan time. What you can see today is a beautiful hamlet with its towers, once the symbol of the power of the noble families of the city, now the element which make the skyline of the city unique and unmistakable. The civil ceremony can be hosted in the frescoed room of the city town hall or in a beautiful open air loggia An amazing setting! READ MORE about your Wedding Ceremony in San Gimignano.

CERTALDO is a small town placed on a hilltop, famous for being the birthplace of the Italian medieval writer Giovanni Boccaccio. Its narrow streets and houses of red bricks decorated with lots of colored flowers have maintained the charm of the medieval past , and the civil ceremony can take place in the beautiful loggia of Palazzo Pretorio or in the annexed deconsecrated Church, very impressive!
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If you read the word “MONTALCINO” the first thing you think about is probably the “Brunello di Montalcino” , a red wine which has conquered its place among the most famous and appreciated wines of the world. But Montalcino is also a lovely town placed in an amazing area with one of the most beautiful view on the Tuscan countryside. This picturesque hamlet can be a perfect scenery if you decide to get married in Tuscany, and if you want to make your Tuscan experience really unique, add a tour in one of the numerous wine cellars to taste the Red Gold of Montalcino!
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If you choose to get married in one of the beautiful Tuscan hamlet, you have many possibilities for your Wedding reception: in the beautiful countryside there are so many elegant Villas, Country Houses and Castles, you will have plenty of choices!

These are only some advices about the best places to get married in Tuscany, but this region has much more to offer!!! Contact Us to have further information about the nicest ceremony venues and locations for weddings!

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