22 Aprile 2019

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Lucca is a beautiful, elegant and charming Town in Tuscany. Wedding Lucca is a fantastic idea and we can assist you with the richest selection of wedding villas in Lucca. We can assist to find the right location for your wedding in Lucca and in case you wish to come in Tuscany we will visit these locations with you! For unforgettable wedding in Lucca we can offer renaissance villas, wedding villas with liberty style and luxury farmhouse in Lucca. Choose Lucca for your wedding...choose luxury!
Civil Ceremony in Lucca

LUCCA is one of the most famous walled Town in Tuscany, Italy.

Lucca can offer you a magic experience: small streets with pretty shops, amazing Chapels and museums.

Choose Lucca for your Wedding ceremony in Tuscany!

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Wedding Villa in Lucca - 701
CATHOLIC CEREMONY: beautiful Chapels and Cathedrals nearby

WHY WE RECOMMEND IT: this elegant villa makes the guests feel settled despite the elegance of the details!

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