01 Marzo 2021
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Symbolic Wedding in Florence

Getting married in Florence is a dream for many couples!
This ancient and timeless city, with its monuments and unique atmosphere, and the near countryside, known all over the world for its beauty, offers a splendid scenery for your symbolic wedding.
Florence is loved for its elegant ancient palaces, for its splendid Churches and statues, for the pleasant nature of its inhabitants and, no less important, for the tasty recipes of the Tuscan cooking that you can enjoy in its excellent restaurants! Having your symbolic wedding in Florence will be a special occasion to live an unforgettable experience in one of the most fascinating cities of the world!
For the Wedding Reception, you can choose a chic location in the city, for example a five star hotel or, if you prefer a more country yet elegant atmosphere, the countryside around the city offers amazing Villas and Castles.

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