22 Aprile 2019

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How to plan your Wedding in Tuscany

Tuscany is a wonderful and unique mix of natural beauty, great lifestyle, romanticism and high quality typical food and wines.

That’s why getting married in Tuscany is a dream for many couples from all over the world!
If you are thinking about getting married in this magic area, we have some advices regarding How to plan your Wedding in Tuscany.

  • Choose the type of ceremony you wish to have.

Religious Catholic Ceremonies can be celebrated for not resident foreign citizens almost everywhere, except Lucca province or Florence city center.
A grandiose Cathedral in Siena, a lovely country Church or a small Church in one ancient characteristic town, you can choose your favorite setting. Important to remember: Catholic ceremonies can only be celebrated into Churches.

For Protestant, Jewish and Symbolic ceremonies you do not need a specific building for the celebration: the garden of a Villa, the courtyard of a Castle or the olive groves of a farmhouse, every place you love can be the right place!

Civil ceremonies must be celebrated in places that are legally recognized: so every Town Hall of the Region can be the place for your Wedding. That does not mean sad and grey offices’ rooms: some Town Hall buildings in Tuscany are simply gorgeou and furthermore some Villas and historical buildings have special permissions to host civil ceremonies so the offer of settings is really rich!

  • Pay attention to the legal requirements needed to get married in Tuscany.

This is a crucial point in the planning of your Destination Wedding and we can help you and guide you through all the necessary proceedings. Every country has different rules and timings, so it is absolutely essential to be informed properly by a professional wedding planner!

  • Choose your Wedding’s style.

Tuscany can offer you almost everything in term of style and atmosphere: a super elegant Reception in a five star hotels on the seaside or in one of the historical cities, an informal rustic Wedding party in a country farmhouse, a refined reception in one of the elegant Villas hidden among the hills… So many possibilities!
When it comes to plan your Wedding in Tuscany, try to imagine your ceremony and reception, figuring out what kind of atmosphere you would love to have, so together we can focus on the right venues’ selection for you!

  • Select a reliable and experienced wedding planner.

Wedding planning is something very complicated especially for destination wedding. for this reason we recommend to contact an experienced and reliable wedding planners. you can find many of them on the web and we know well that it is very hard to choose the best ones. here some suggestions:

  • 1.choose wedding planner with a minimum of 6 years of experience.
  • 2.be aware to choose a free-lance wedding planner and prefer an organized team (a team can guarantee to be safe in case of any problems)
  • 3.read carefully the testimonials and consider only testimonials with pictures of bride and groom so you are sure that these are authentic.
  • 4.ask to the wedding planners to provide some contacts of previous customers.
  • 5.try to have a call with the wedding planners...it is easier to understand if they have experience and skills.

This is only a brief guide but we are here to help and inspire you, contact us!

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