01 Marzo 2021
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Tuscany with its beauty and lifestyle inspires tourists and visitors from all over the world, who come here to look for peacefulness, amazing natural beauty, refined experiences and of course delicious food and precious wines.
It is no wonder that a place like this is one of the top choices when it comes to Destination Weddings and that many couples decide to bring out the essence of this Region opting for a country style decor for the Big Day.
Wooden boxes and barrels, long rustic tables adorned with country flowers and candles, straw-bales used as sofas, lots of greenery and skies of bulb lights are just some of the elements that can make your reception full of Tuscany vibes.
Country wedding decoration is certainly the right choice if you dream of a really warm, picturesque and Tuscan atmosphere: feel free to interpret this theme in your very personal way using your favorite color palette (yes, also vibrant colors as fuchsia and purple are great for a country mood!) and adding a chic touch with golden cutlery or silver vases if you like.
Whatever you choose, be sure that Tuscany will offer the most amazing backdrop for your special day!
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